Jirachi to be available to European Generation IV games via Wi-Fi

Distribution available from June 26 to July 16
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  • Thursday, June 24, 2010

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After the distribution of the Winner's Path, distribution of Jirachi set to take place over Wi-Fi from June 26 to July 16 has been revealed by the official European Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver websites.


This Jirachi will be similar to those recently distributed in other regions recently, especially the ones from Australia. Like all other Jirachi, it has the capability to unlock the Night Sky's Edge Pokéwalker Route. It will come in a Cherish Ball at level 5, with a Classic Ribbon and a Liechi Berry. It will know the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest and Draco Meteor. It has the Original Trainer SMR2010 and the ID number 06260. It will be available to European versions of the Generation IV games via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. However, there is also a chance that this Jirachi will be available to North American and Australian version of the Generation IV games, as seen with previous Wi-Fi distributions.