Korean Global Link accounts to get access to new Dream World area

Area, Décor to be available starting Nov. 16
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  • Thursday, November 4, 2011

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Update 2:  The Rugged Mountain area will be available to English and European account holders as well, with the dates previously mentioned the same.


Update:  The area (「ごつごつ山」 in Japanese) will be available starting Nov. 16 as well for those with Japanese Global Link accounts, following an extended maintenance period starting the day before.

The Korean Pokémon Global Link has just revealed information on a new area accessible via the Pokémon Dream World. The area 「울퉁불퉁 산」 Rugged Mountains is said to follow the steps of the Spooky Manor area in being a permanent addition to the Dream World, and it will be available starting Nov. 16.

The area, which looks much like where Victini is met after going through the Pokémon Movie Home, is home to the likes of Larvitar. Similar to the Pokémon Café Forest and Spooky Manor areas, it has an area-exclusive game: a mine cart-themed game wherein players control a Sableye.

In addition to the new area, new Décor will also be made available starting Nov. 16 via promotion. The images of the space-themed Décor (a rocket ship home, a starry mat, a telescope, and a window) were previously found through internal Dream World files.

A first, there are currently no announcements regarding access to the area and the Décor for those with non-Korean Global Link accounts. In slight relation to this, the Autumn Deerling skin is also available from Nov. 2 to Dec. 1 on the Korean Global Link.