Kyogre, Mew Special Stages available in Pokémon Shuffle

Available until March 23
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  • Monday, March 9, 2015
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported on Pokémon Shuffle

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Two new Special Stages are now available in Pokémon Shuffle. The first is a reissue of "Launch Special: Meet Mew", while the second is a new stage featuring Kyogre. Both stages are available until March 23 (UTC+06:00). These stages can be downloaded using the "check in" function, which also updates the game to v1.1.2.

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"Launch Special: Meet Mew" plays just like the original release of this Special Stage (with the same 20 move limit), although the player's rank will not be preserved. If the player has already caught Mew in the previous release of the stage, the Poké Ball icon indicating so will appear next to it. The first time the player completes this stage, they will receive 1000 Coins (while the original release of the stage provided 1000 Coins once per day upon completion, it cannot be determined if this is the case for the re-release until the next UTC+06:00 day). This is the only way to catch Mew in the game.

"Great Challenge" is a new Special Stage featuring Kyogre. This stage has a 30 move limit, and Kyogre will disrupt play by putting up barriers on one Pokémon or one row of Pokémon. The first time the player completes this stage, they will receive 1 Gem. This is the only way to catch Kyogre in the game.