Leaked CoroCoro photos reveal information on new giveaways

Oak's Letter and Shiny Pichu to be available soon
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  • Thursday, March 12, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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From April 18 to May 11, players of the Japanese Platinum games will be able to obtain Oak's Letter via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and via local wireless in participating stores in Japan. This allows players to go to the Flower Paradise where a level 30 Shaymin can be found. It will be in its Land Forme with the moves Defense Curl, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed and Synthesis. This Shaymin, similar to the Shaymin given away in Nintendo events, can unlock the Gracidea Flower in Floaroma Town. After the flower has been unlocked, this Shaymin can also change to its Sky Forme.

Oak's Letter
Shiny Pichu

Similar to the Regigigas given away last year and the Deoxys given away in 2007, a Shiny Pichu, dubbed "Pikachu-colored Pichu" (ピカチュウカラーのピチュー) by CoroCoro, will be given to players of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum who pre-order tickets for the 12th movie between April 18 and July 17. It will have the OT 「しょこたん」 (Shokotan), who is Notched-ear Pichu's Japanese voice actress in the movie.

This will be the third Pokémon given away in its Shiny form, the others being a Milotic and Zigzagoon. No other information on the Pichu is known as of yet.