Localizations for several Pokémon, features revealed

Official Pokémon site, Official Nintendo Magazine of UK reveal names
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  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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The official websites for Pokémon Black and White have revealed previously-reported Pokémon and features. Among these include the legendary Pokémon Victini (referred to as a Mythical Pokémon), the Entralink, and the Pokémon Dream World.

In addition to these, the Official Nintendo Magazine UK has revealed several names. Gym Leaders Dent, Pod and Corn will be Cilan, Chili and Cress, respectively. The Gym Leaders of Striaton City (Sanyou City) all have the Normal-type Lillipup (Yorterry) in addition to an elemental monkey. When defeated, they give TM83 - Work Up (Cheer Up) and the Trio Badge (Tri Badge).

Update:  Further names have come out of the woodwork, following the publication of a blog by Official Nintendo Magazine UK Games Editor Chris Scullion. The names were shown in screenshots accompanying the report on Scullion's first foray into Pokémon Black Version. In his article, Scullion unintentionally reveals the names Tympole (Otamaru), Timburr (Dokkora) and Nacrene City (Shippou City).


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
  Pokémon Global Link
  Pokémon Dream World
  Live Caster Xtransceiver Vokit Der Viso-Caster El Videomisor L'Interpoké
  High Link Entralink Heylink Kontaktebene Zona Nexo Intramondo
  Red-Striped Form Motif Rouge Rotlinige Form Forma Raya Roja Forma Linearossa
  Blue-Striped Form Motif Bleu Blaulinige Form Forma Raya Azul Forma Lineablu
  Spring Form Forme Printemps Frühlingsform Forma Primavera Forma Primavera
  Summer Form Forme Été Sommerform Forma Verano Forma Estate
  Autumn Form Forme Automne Herbstform Forma Otoño Forma Autunno
  Winter Form Forme Hiver Winterform Forma Invierno Forma Inverno


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Victory Star Victory Star Victorieux Triumphstern Tinovictoria Vittorstella
Healing Heart Healer Cœur Soin Heilherz Alma Cura Curacuore
Herbivorous Sap Sipper Herbivore Vegetarier Herbívoro Mangiaerba


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Drill Liner Drill Run Tunnelier Volltrefferquote Taladradora Giravvita
Acrobat Acrobatics Acrobatie Akrobatik Acróbata Acrobazia
Windstorm Hurricane Lakmécygne Orkan Vendaval Tifone
Insect Opposition Struggle Bug Survinsecte Käfertrutz Estoicismo Entomoblocco


# Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
494   Victini
505   Miruhog Watchog Miradar Kukmarda Watchog Watchog
511   Yanappu Pansage Feuillajou Vegimak Pansage Pansage
530   Doryuzu Excadrill Minotaupe Stalobor Excadrill Excadrill
540   Kurumiru Sewaddle Larveyette Strawickl Sewaddle Sewaddle
550   Basslao Basculin Bargantua Barschuft Basculin Basculin
581   Swanna Swanna Swaroness Lakmécygne Swanna Swanna
585   Shikijika Deerling Vivaldaim Sesokitz Deerling Deerling
594   Mamanbou Alomomola Mamanbo Mamolida Alomomola Alomomola