Lucarionite available as prize from competitive stage in Pokémon Shuffle

Top 20,000 players to win this exclusive Mega Stone
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  • Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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A new competitive stage in Pokémon Shuffle will allow 20,000 players to obtain the previously unavailable Lucarionite. The stage can be obtained by updating the game to v1.1.3 using the "check in" feature. This competitive stage is a special stage that is available from 06:00 UTC on March 16 to 05:00 UTC on March 23, 2015.

Mega Lucario in Pokémon Shuffle

In the new competitive stage, the player battles a Trainer using a Mega Lucario in a timed stage (the time limit is 1 minute). Upon completion of the stage, the player's score is uploaded to a leaderboard. After the competition, every participant will receive a Jewel, and the top 20,000 players (by score) will receive the Lucarionite. With the Lucarionite, players can Mega Evolve their Lucario (Lucario is already available in the game).

Mega Lucario has the same Mega Effect as Mega Lopunny, being "Erases all Pokemon five rows above and five rows below."

The player must connect to the internet to play this stage. From the Ranking menu, players can view the information of the five players currently on top of the leaderboard (Pokémon, name, country, and score) as well as their own high score, placement, and Pokémon used in their high score. Players can attempt the stage as many time per day as they like (provided they spend a Heart each time).