Mamoswine, Banette, 'Carnival Pokémon' promotions currently available

Promotions limited in availability
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  • Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Update:  The German password for Banette has been revealed to be BANETSpieletipps. Due to the German promotion Banette having been postponed, only certain other countries can make use of the password.


Update 2:  The German password for Mamoswine is now known as COMPUTERBILDSPIELE.

Promotions for Mamoswine and Banette, as well as for the Carnival Pokémon Musical show, are currently available on the Pokémon Global Link. The Pokémon are only available to those with European Global Link accounts, while the Musical show is only available for those with American accounts.

Country Mamoswine Banette
France MAMNintendoOfficiel BRANETJeuxVideo
Italy MAMNintendoUfficiale BANETSpazioGames
Spain MAMNintendoAccion BANET3DJuegos
Rest of Europe
except Germany
MAMNintendoOfficial BANETYahooGames

Mamoswine was made available starting Oct. 13 for Spain, Oct. 19 for France, Italy and Germany and Oct. 20 for the rest of Europe. The passwords for Mamoswine were made available by the Official Nintendo magazine, and the promotion will remain available until Jan. 19. The male Mamoswine for the promotions have the ability Thick Fat, and they are at level 34.

Banette was made available Oct. 13 for Spain and Oct. 12 for the rest of Europe. The female, level 37 Banette with the ability Cursed Body and the move Cotton Guard will remain available until Dec. 7.

The German passwords for both Pokémon have yet to be revealed.

The Musical show Carnival Pokémon, much like its Japanese counterpart 「ポケモンセンターDEオシャレ♪」 Pokémon Center de Style♪, features a remix of the Pokémon Center theme. It can be obtained from Oct. 20 to March 1 by entering the password NPMUSICAL, which can be found in the November 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. This is the first promotion-only Musical show made available outside Japan.