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  • Tuesday, May 3, 2005

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The first installment of a three part manga adaptation by Miho Asada of the upcoming Pokémon movie was released in the June 2005 issue of the Shogakukan 3rd-grader magazine last Saturday. It has replaced the Pokémon Special (Battle Frontier Edition) serialisation that had been running in the magazine in the past three months. A summary follows:

The poster
Centuries ago, when Poké Balls did not yet exist...
"The forces of the two sides are advancing towards here!"

Lucario then goes to inform Aaron (whom he addresses as Aaron-sama) of the impending danger through a crystal linked to Orudoran Castle. Lucario is then ambushed by a pack of Houndoom. He is blinded by a Sand-Attack, but manages to unleash his signature move, the hadō-dan.

In the meantime, Aaron realises that he has to go to the World-Origin Tree. Lucario catches up with him. Aaron notices his condition, but Lucario explains that he is fine, because he senses with his wave-guiding ability.

Aaron then commands Lucario to "leave this place", saying that he had abandoned the castle. He had in fact been asked to leave by the Queen, who has consigned herself to sharing the fate of the castle.

Aaron continues towards the World-Origin Tree, and commands Lucario not to follow. The army advancing towards Lucario, Aaron throws his staff into the ground before Lucario, and traps him within the crystal in the staff. Lucario is left to ask himself, "Why, Aaron-sama?"

As the two sides advance towards each other, suddenly, a light is emitted from the World-Origin Tree as Mew awakens. The Queen described it, "The World-Origin Tree is weeping?!"

Then, Aaron's Pidgeot arrives with the staff in its beak. The Queen ponders where Aaron is, as the energy of the Tree is released.

Queen Rene (as in Irene, not René) realised that Aaron, who also had the wave-guiding ability, had used the energy of the World-Origin Tree where Mew lived, calming down the hatred and anger, and the Pokémon returned to their respective homes.
Then, peace returned to this land again.

The perspective switches to the present, Masato reading from a book, "Following that, Aaron was called the Wave-guiding Hero."

Satoshi wins the role of the Wave-guiding Hero at the festival to commerate Aaron in a Pokémon battle tournament. His final opponent was Kiddo, an adventurer, who used a Manyula.

That night, at the ball, when Queen Irene handed Satoshi Aaron's staff, Satoshi hears a voice inside: "Why?"

Kiddo is also present, wearing a different costume from when she was in the tournament, where she was dressed as an armoured centurion. Haruka is shocked by the change in appearance, as is Takeshi.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon are gathered by an Aipom, who leads them in a line to an empty hall, apparently to play by themselves. Then, probably convinced that no humans were looking, Aipom transformed into Mew! Masato is able to see this through an ajar door, as is someone else through a window...

"I've found you, Mew!"

Kiddo then has her two Manyula place a transmitter on Mew. The Pokémon engage in a battle, during which Pikachu is injured in an explosion. Pikachu lands in the arms of Meowth, who are both teleported away by Mew!