Meet the slow news week

Diamond, Pearl keeping U.S. fans busy
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  • Friday, May 4, 2007

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This editorial has been written by Argy. It expresses the views of the writer, not necessarily those of Bulbagarden networks.

This is an editorial by Argy.
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Argy is the former editor in chief of Bulbanews, a style editor at Bulbapedia, and an administrator at Bulbagarden forums.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the slow news week, a rare time when the amount of Pokémon news suddenly drops. No doubt the North American release of Diamond and Pearl are at least partly responsible; more than one million people have bought the games so far, according to Nintendo. It's likely the majority of fans have been too busy playing to notice the lack of announcements regarding the anime, TCG and other games.

I encourage aspiring and established writers to submit opinion pieces to Bulbanews. During times of slow news it is nice to have something entertaining and informative to read instead. One does not have to be a Bulbagarden staff member to submit a piece.

Visit Bulbapedia for Pokémon profiles, stats and other game information. For those playing Diamond and Pearl, good luck on your journeys.