Mega Blastoise Competitive Stage live in Pokémon Shuffle

Patch for v1.1.8 released
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  • Monday, April 6, 2015

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A patch for Pokémon Shuffle has been released, which brings the game up to v1.1.8 and adds the Mega Blastoise Competitive Stage to the game.

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In this Competitive Stage, the player battles a Trainer who uses Mega Blastoise, and has one minute to obtain as high a score as they can (Mega Blastoise has no HP bar so cannot faint). The player must connect to the Internet to play in this stage. No experience is awarded upon stage completion.

When time expires, the player's score is uploaded to a leaderboard. From the Ranking menu, players can view the information of the five players currently on top of the leaderboard in their region, as well as their own high score, placement, and current Pokémon. A letter ranking can be earned and displayed upon conclusion of the stage like in all other stages, but is not displayed afterwards.

At the end of the competition, the top ranked players will receive a Blastoisinite, while all other participants will receive a Jewel as consolation. The Blastoisinite will be given to the top 20,000 players in North America, the top 10,000 players in PAL regions, and the top 50,000 players in Japan.

Only two items—Complexity -1 and Disruption Delay—are available for purchase before playing this stage.