More September 2006 CoroCoro scans leaked to Internet

Shin'ō underground world and DP multiplayer features revealed
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  • Sunday, August 6, 2006

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The underground world of Shin'ō previously hinted at by Jun'ichi Masuda is revealed to be a multiplayer playing field where players can build secret bases, play capture-the-flag and hunt for treasure and fossils. Other wireless multiplayer details are also published in the latest leaked pages of the September 2006 issue of CoroCoro — a report on the earlier pages was published on Bulbanews yesterday.

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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl utilises the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection capabilities of the Nintendo DS for multiplayer functionality. It now appears that this ability will not be limited to the Friend Code system operable from every Pokémon Center across Shin'ō.

The Battle Tower, which first appeared in Pokémon Crystal and which took advantage of the GB Mobile Adapter in the Japanese version, returns with the same initial prospect; in the tower is a Wi-Fi Battle Room, where the player is challenged by seven opponents downloaded over the Internet. When you defeat all the opponents, you will be ranked against other players, and the opponents get stronger as you rise through the ranks.

Additionally, it will be possible to trade with players from not just your own country, but all over the world, through the GTS, or Global Trade Station. A globe in the GTS records and displays the locations of the players with whom you have traded. It is likely that the station will bring different players together using an exchange system reminiscent of the PokéCom Center's Trade Corner, also found in Crystal.

Underground world of Shin'ō

The underground world of Shin'ō introduces a new form of competition to Pokémon: capture the flag (ハタとり). Players place flags in the secret bases they construct, and the first player to capture the opponent's flag and return to base wins. Players can set traps, surround the opponent with leaves to hinder the opponent and take back their flag. Presumably Pokémon with the appropriate moves will be required for such activities.

The underground is also the site of a new mini-game: the underground tunnels of Shin'ō have treasures embedded in the walls, which can be dug out using the touch pen.

The third pre-order bonus figure was revealed as a figure with the three Diamond/Pearl starters Naetle, Hikozaru and Pochama, which will be given to customers who pre-order both games, or even two copies of the game. All three pre-order figurines are manufactured by Kaiyōdō, the company that also makes the figures for the upcoming Pokémon Trading Figure game.


Also announced in this issue of CoroCoro is a Diamond & Pearl manga, which features the male player character, named Hareta (ハレタ) and his Pochama. Readers are also reminded of the new anime series, Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl, which premieres on September 28 on the TV Tokyo network.