More fifth generation information revealed

CoroCoro scans leaked
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  • Saturday, April 10, 2010

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This article is breaking news. Some contents may change—be sure to check back regularly.

Scans of the upcoming CoroCoro magazine have been leaked, and information regarding the upcoming Pokémon Black and White Versions has been revealed.

A scan showing Zoroark and Zorua

The scans show vast improvement in graphic quality from the previous generation, with more advanced 3D graphics. The battle scene also appears to have been changed: the whole of the back of the player's Pokémon can be seen as opposed to a small backsprite. A scan of a Pokémon Center is also shown: the mezzanine floor for the Union Room and other link stations is retained from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Like all other areas, major graphical improvements have been made to the Pokémon Center and it seems that a Poké Mart has been incorporated into the building. The final scans show early overworld sprites for the new player characters standing in front of a small house in what is most likely the starting town, in a cave, and on a bridge.

A comment under one screenshot hints that a new form of transportation will be available to players in these games, possibly a car. Although used in some episodes of the anime, cars are yet to debut in a Pokémon game.

More information will be available when CoroCoro is officially released on April 15.