More new Pokémon appear

2ch leak of CoroCoro reveals silhouetted Pokémon, demo Pokémon, others
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  • Monday, July 12, 2010

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Once again, CoroCoro has been leaked earlier than the street date, and through it several new Pokémon have been revealed, while others have been confirmed.

Revealed in the magazine this month include the new Pokémon Wargle (ウォーグル), which was first shown yesterday as a silhouette on Pokémon Sunday, Musharna (ムシャーナ), a possible evolution of Munna, and Minezumi (ミネズミ), apparently this generation's counterpart to Rattata. Pokémon revealed earlier through screenshots and other media include confirmation of Rankurusu (ランクルス), Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル), Kibago (キバゴ), and Koromori (コロモリ).

Human characters were also revealed: Cheren (チェレン) was seen late last month in a video on Oha Suta; he has been revealed to be a childhood friend of the player character, indicating him as a possible candidate as the rival. Beru (ベル) is also a childhood friend of the player, though her role is unknown. Makomo (マコモ), a friend of Professor Araragi, was also shown. A final character, known only as N, was also shown earlier, stating that he would be better than the Champion one day.

Two version-exclusive locations, Black City and White Forest, were also shown. It is currently unknown which version which location is exclusive to, nor if it is possible to unlock the other in the counterpart version at a later point in time.