Movie website updated with story outline

New trailer also available
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  • Saturday, March 10, 2007

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The official Pokémon movie Web site has been updated with the first part of a story outline and character profiles for Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, which premieres July 14 in Japan. A recent trailer is available for download. The character profiles also revealed the Buoysel in the movie poster belongs to Hikari, however this information was later removed.

The new poster


A town between space and time.
prediction recorded in an ancient diary comes alive.

Guided by the wind
Guided by fate
The balloon
heads to Oración...

Two Pokémon
treated as gods.


What is at the end of this battle?
What does the
prediction mean?

The door to an adventure not yet known opens.

Hikari: That's...!

Before the conflict between gods, a new Pokémon makes an appearance!

Alice: Darkrai has awakened!

This summer, a great battle shaking space-time begins!

Guest characters

Tonio Alice Baron Alberto
トニオ アリス アルベルト男爵

A young scientist with an intellectual atmosphere. His laboratory buried in monitors and experimental equipment is in the Space-Time Tower. A classmate of Baron Alberto.

One day, Tonio finds an old notebook in the laboratory: Godey's diary (ゴーディの日記). Godey is something like a great-grandfather to Tonio, and is the genius architect who designed the Space-Time Tower and the beautiful gardens of Álamos Town.

A poor woman studying music in Álamos Town. She also conducts balloon tours of the town. She has the ability to calm the hearts of Pokémon with the beautiful melody of her grasswhistle. Her partner is Hikozaru.

An influential man who lives in a splendid stone house in Álamos Town. He is like an actor in a love scene with a haughty atmosphere. He plans to take Alice as his wife.

Story outline, part one

To participate in the next Pokémon contest, Satoshi and his friends have come to Álamos Town, where they meet a poor woman named Alice.

Alice guides them around the landmarks of the town - the Space-Time Tower (時空の塔) and the beautiful gardens filled with greenery and water, and while they are completely absorbed by the sightseeing, they discover that the gardens have been devastated by someone.

Then, Baron Alberto, an influential man of the town, comes on to the scene. Alberto is confident that the devastation is the work of the legendary Pokémon Darkrai. Then, from the ominous shadows, Darkrai suddenly appears before them.

A never-before known Pokémon, just who is Darkrai? Just at that moment, a fierce battle between Dialga and Palkia is unfolding in an interval of space-time. Space-time is torn apart by the collision of terrible energies. Through the tear, Álamos Town can be seen...