New D/P Pokémon cards revealed to be fake

TCG cards including previously unknown Pokémon are a forgery
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  • Friday, August 18, 2006

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Captain Library, a user on the PokéGym Forums with friends in Japan, has released an image to the public showing a collection of new Pokémon TCG cards, one of which reveals a new, never before seen electric type Pokémon, named Kisandā (キサンダー). This Pokémon, as well as the whole set of 5 cards, have since been revealed to be forgeries by PokéBeach.

BN 060818 DPcards.jpg

PokéBeach webmaster Water Pokémon Master has revealed larger versions of the image shown left where these flaws are visible:

  • The copyright statement on the cards are dated 2004, not 2006
  • Jagged edges due to photo-manipulation

The creator of the forgeries has yet to step forward.

Update: It has been confirmed at the PokéCommunity Forums that Cascade Gonpory, long-time faker and card blank designer, created the blanks and Pokémon. Fangking Omega, who works with Cascade on the EX Acanthite project, said: "For the sake of all parties, I'll come clean. Cascade made these images, and made them extremely impressively, and I helped get the word out. We were hoping this would turn out to be a pretty good hoax, which it WAS, since so many people believed the fake and are still even doubting it now."