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New Japanese TCG set announced

'DPt: Galactic's Conquest' coming Oct. 10
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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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'DPt: Galactic's Conquest' will be the next Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game set and will be released in Japan Oct. 10.

PokéBeach has reported the following:

  • The set will have five Lv.X Pokémon, including Giratina's Origin Forme and Shaymin's Land Forme.
  • Thirteen Special Pokémon will be in the set, all with owners' names. They will all be Basic, and two of them will be Lv.X Pokémon.
  • Like Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky, this set will feature reprinted cards from previous sets.
  • Entry Pack DPt, released along with the set, will feature two 30-card half decks, with two holographic cards each.
  • The cards include the fully evolved Sinnoh starters as well as Dialga and Palkia.