New Pokémon Game Show details released

Event activities include downloadable content and TCG tournament
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  • Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Further details regarding the previously announced Pokémon Game Show event were recently released on the official Japanese Pokémon website. The event, which will be held on Aug. 17 and 18, will feature several activities including downloadable content, a video game battle corner, a TCG tournament, and a Pokémon Tretta lab.

Pokémon used by previous Pokémon Champions will be available for download by attendees with any Generation V game. Pokémon available are Blue's Pidgeot, Lance's Dragonite, Steven's Metagross, Wallace's Milotic, Cynthia's Spiritomb, Alder's Volcarona, and Iris's Haxorus. Only one Pokémon may be downloaded per game. Further details regarding the distribution are currently unknown.

Additionally, there will be a battle corner where players can battle other attendees with Gen V games. Games with rental teams will be available for use for players without a Generation V game. Players can also demo the Pokémon Scramble U video game. There will also be a capsule-toy vending machine selling Pokémon Scramble U NFC figures at the Pokémon Center stand, where attendees have a chance to obtain the special Black Kyurem and White Kyurem figures.

A TCG tournament will be held at the event, the Pokémon Card Game Pokémon Game Show Tournament ~"Mystery Card" Battle~, where cards never seen before will be used. Winners of TCG battles will be able to obtain exclusive Pokémon Game Show Promo Cards.

There are two age brackets, Primary School League, where primary-school-age children or younger can enter, and Open League, where all ages can enter. The battles will use 60-card decks with 6 prizes. Players must bring along a 60-card deck, and at the start of the event will be given two Mystery Cards which must replace two of the player's cards. No rental decks will be available. Winners receive a Pikachu Pokémon Coin, and the top four players receive an original promo card, on the 17th a Keldeo-EX, and on the 18th, a Rayquaza-EX.

Finally, a Pokémon Tretta lab will be available, where Rookie Pokémon Tretta Pikachu will be given away as a present. Attendees will also have the chance to challenge the Red Genesect. Winners will receive a Red Genesect Trophy.

Thanks to Bluesun and Archaic for the translations.