New Pokémon PC game for young children released

Pokémon: Team Turbo includes puzzles and games
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  • Friday, October 28, 2005

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A new Pokémon game for PCs includes puzzles and games targeted at young children. Pokémon: Team Turbo was developed by Valusoft, a division of THQ.

Screenshot from Pokémon: Team Turbo

The game's Web site says that there are five games included in the software, all centering around the theme of a Pokémon race. For example, a game called "Mudkip's Word Finder" has players find Pokémon-related words before a time limit expires. Being successful at this game will give players "Super Furret Speed" in the players' next race.

Pokémon: Team Turbo has a retail price of US$19.99 and requires Windows 98, ME or XP. See the game's Web site for more system requirements.