New Pokémon revealed in TCG card a hoax

Taking a Chance at Pokébeach
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  • Saturday, April 2, 2005

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Yesterday’s post was an April Fools joke. Since the bandwidth died again, I had to put it up late. Yesterday saw over 10 fake Pokemon released on the internet – all of which were totally realistic looking and convincing. People really went at it this year, probably since it is not too unlikely for a new Pokemon to be released now since the next generation is coming out in September of this year. We won’t see this many new fake Pokemon released on the internet until April of 2008, which is the year when the fifth generation of Pokemon will come out. ^_^; You can see the fake card that was stuck into the photo, which was created by Marcello-Milord, by clicking here.

A Chance TCG card

Hoax announcement

I am absolutely stunned out how for the first time in the history of the TCG, a brand new Pokemon was revealed through the TCG, and we are the first to bring you the info! (even before SPP, what a shocker) Marcello-Milord, a member of the PokeGym, recently posted a thread from a photograph one of his friends took at the PokePark in Japan. The thread was originally intended to talk about how the next set will have new designs for the cards, but then, I noticed something. Next to the Munchlax card, there was another card. While many thought this was an existing Pokemon (including me at first), I asked Meowth346 to translate the card for me. The card’s name translated to “Chance” in Japanese, and on the card, there is a Poke-Body that definitely is a baby power. I then contacted another one of my Japanese-speaking friends, and he too confirmed everything Meowth had without me telling him any info. I will edit this news story later with more info, since I need to go somewhere now, but be sure to keep checking back here!

And also, I had to lie to Serebii from SPP about this, since I knew he would try to post about this. This is 100% real, and is a photo taken from several days ago. If you do not want to believe this, then don’t. However, when the next generation comes out, there will be a baby Chansey. Anyone who denies that this is a real image obviously does not know Japanese that well, or did not study the cards well enough.

Thank you [Meowth] for the translating and Marcello for permission to use the images!