New Suzuran Conference information revealed

Magazine leaks more information about Satoshi vs. Shinji battle
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  • Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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A magazine scan has revealed the Pokémon both Satoshi and Shinji will be using during their battle in the Suzuran Conference, which can be seen below. Shots of the battle have also been revealed, depicting Mukuhawk vs. Toritodon, Buoysel vs. Dorapion, and Pikachu vs. Yukimenoko.

Satoshi and Shinji will face off in DP186, 187, and 188.

Satoshi Shinji
Ash Pikachu.png
Satoshi's Pikachu
Ash Infernape.png
Satoshi's Goukazaru
VS Paul Aggron.png
Shinji's Bossgodora
Paul Gastrodon.png
Shinji's Toritodon
Ash Torterra.png
Satoshi's Dodaitose
Ash Buizel.png
Satoshi's Buoysel
Paul Drapion.png
Shinji's Dorapion
Paul Froslass.png
Shinji's Yukimenoko
Ash Gliscor.png
Satoshi's Glion
Ash Staraptor.png
Satoshi's Mukuhawk
Paul Electivire.png
Shinji's Elekible
Paul Ninjask.png
Shinji's Tekkanin

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