New avatar items added in Pokémon GO

Available after unlocking corresponding medal
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  • Saturday, February 3, 2018

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Niantic has released three sets of avatar items available for purchase in Pokémon GO using PokéCoins after completing the Battle Girl, Jogger, or Fisherman Medals. The Battle Girl outfit can only be worn by female avatars, while the remaining two outfits can only be worn by male avatars. Different items become available upon unlocking the corresponding tier of each medal:

Avatars wearing the new items
Battle Girl
  1. Bronze: Battle Girl Gloves
  2. Silver: Battle Girl Shorts and Shoes
  3. Gold: Battle Girl Tank Top
  1. Bronze: Jogger Sunglasses and Visor
  2. Silver: Jogger Shorts and Shoes
  3. Gold: Jogger Tank Top
  1. Bronze: Fisherman Cap
  2. Silver: Fisherman Pants and Boots
  3. Gold: Fisherman Vest