New opening/ending single to be released Nov. 26

CD will include four versions of 'High Five!'
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  • Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Media Factory has announced the CD containing High Five! and Surely Tomorrow, the new opening and ending themes to Pokémon Diamond & Pearl which will debut Oct. 2, will be released in Japan Nov. 26. The maxi CD will contain four versions of High Five!, with solo versions sung by Satoshi and Hikari added to the usual duet and karaoke tracks.

The CD's Media Factory item number is ZMCP-4370.

Track list

  1. High Five! — ハイタッチ!
  2. Surely Tomorrow — あしたはきっと
  3. High Five! (Karaoke - Duet with Satoshi Version) — ハイタッチ!(カラオケ・サトシとデュエットバージョン)
  4. High Five! (Karaoke - Duet with Hikari Version) — ハイタッチ!(カラオケ・ヒカリとデュエットバージョン)
  5. Surely Tomorrow (Karaoke) — あしたはきっと (カラオケ)
  6. Together2008 (TV Size)
  7. High Five! (Instrumental Version) — ハイタッチ!(インストバージョン)