Next-gen World Hobby Fair 2013 to sell pre-order tickets for sixteenth movie

Event Mewtwo available, new Funfest Mission revealed
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  • Friday, June 21, 2013

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A Pokémon booth will be set up at the 2013 Next-gen World Hobby Fair. Preorder tickets for the sixteenth movie will be available along with the claim ticket for the level 100 Mewtwo promotion. It is also possible to use the claim ticket at the same booth to receive the event Mewtwo.

Endless Battling...! Funfest Mission

Members of Pokémon Smash! will be onstage showcasing Pokémon X and Y, showing battles with new Pokémon. They will also be showing a new Funfest Mission titled「おわりなき たたかい……!」Endless Battling...!. The player must defeat ten Veteran Trainers within the time limit. The reward for completing the mission is a Max Ether, while the reward for defeating twice the amount of required Veteran Trainers is a Rare Candy.

Special thanks to Bluesun for the translation.