NintendoWiki joins NIWA

A wiki all about Nintendo itself is the alliance's latest member
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  • Friday, December 10, 2010

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With the addition of NintendoWiki, the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance has grown to sixteen members. This latest wiki focuses on all things Nintendo, including games, staff, consoles, and more.

N-Wiki, as it is known among its contributors, was set up on 12 May, 2010 by existing NIWA staff members. It was launched to the public on 10 Dec. of the same year with around 230 articles and almost 50 registered users. It is hosted directly on the NIWA servers. Although it contains some similar content to wikis already in the NIWA partnership, such as this article on Pokémon Gold and Silver, N-Wiki covers a broader range of information that is largely not relevant to the individual wikis that make up the alliance. It does not cover game topics in as detailed fashion as Bulbapedia or, rather, when appropriate, providing color-coded inline links to relevant other wikis.

The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance is a network of Nintendo-based wikis that aim to be independent from wiki farms such as Wikia. NintendoWiki was the sixteenth member to join the group in its inaugural year.

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