Nintendo recalls Mysterious Dungeon Blue

Glitch found that erases back-up data in GBA carts
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  • Monday, November 28, 2005

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Pokémon: Mysterious Dungeon is now available for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, and when both are in the DS, the two can link up. However, a glitch has appeared that has forced Nintendo to recall the Blue version. Put any other GBA cartridge in the GBA slot of the DS, and the backup data of the cartridge will be deleted. Those with Pokémon GBA games they want to keep are advised to be careful. It appears that the only game this does not affect is Pokémon: Mysterious Dungeon Red.

Nintendo of Japan has said that this is easily solved by not putting any other cartridges in the slot when playing the game. However, on Dec. 8, they will be recalling and replacing the data-erasing cartridges with normal functioning ones. Those who have already bought a copy can exchange it through Nintendo's official website or by telephone.

Nintendo will ensure that this glitch will not be in the English-language versions of the games when they are released sometime next year.

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