Official Japanese Pokémon site posts notice regarding Pokémon Center Tohoku

Site announces possible waiting time before entering newest Pokémon Center store
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  • Sunday, December 4, 2011

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The newest Pokémon Center store in Japan has opened today in Tohoku.

Pokémon Center Tohoku logo

Due to a large number of people entering the store, a notice was posted on the official Japanese Pokémon site, stating that customers may have to wait up to five hours before they could enter the store.

Pokémon Center Tohoku is part of The Pokémon Company's "Pokémon with You" campaign, which was set up to help victims of the earthquake in the region earlier this year. "Pokémon with You" has visited high schools and hosted tourism festivals within Tohoku in an attempt to help the region recover from the earthquake. In addition, the donations are being accepted to try to help the recovery. Those interested in donating can do so here.

As reported, Snivy, one of the store's mascots, are being distributed in the store to those with Pokémon Black and White to commemorate the store's opening. The distribution of the Snivy with the event-exclusive moves Synthesis and Aromatherapy ends on Dec. 18.

Update:  As of Dec. 5, the notice has been taken down.