Online Eeveelution game to interact with Dream World

Game launched, Dream World still pending
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  • Monday, March 28, 2011

001Bulbasaur Dream.png
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There is a new addition to the Poké Fun Zone—and it has connectivity with the to-be-released Pokémon Dream World.


The game, titled "Play to Befriend a Pokémon", is a simple brick-breaking game. In order to play, one must signed in to their Pokémon Trainer Club account. Upon completing the four levels of the game, players will be able to select one of the seven evolutions of Eevee depending on certain actions in the game. Once the Pokémon Global Link is opened, the selected evolution can be downloaded from the Dream World to the player's copy of Pokémon Black and White. Only one evolution may be selected per account, and the choice may not be changed upon choosing at the end of a game. The choice will remain marked on the player's Pokémon Trainer Club account until the evolution is downloaded.

The evolutions of Eevee obtained from Dream World will each have their species's special Hidden Ability. For reference, these are listed below.

Species Standard ability Hidden Ability
134Vaporeon Dream.png Vaporeon Water Absorb Hydration
135Jolteon Dream.png Jolteon Volt Absorb Quick Feet
136Flareon Dream.png Flareon Flash Fire Guts
196Espeon Dream.png Espeon Synchronize Magic Bounce
197Umbreon Dream.png Umbreon Synchronize Inner Focus
470Leafeon Dream.png Leafeon Leaf Guard Chlorophyll
471Glaceon Dream.png Glaceon Snow Cloak Ice Body

It is still unknown when, specifically, the Global Link and Dream World will be available. While they were intended to be launched tomorrow, March 30, the launch date was pushed back as a result of the Tōhoku earthquake.