Palpitoad to appear in two May episodes

No update on missing Plasma episodes
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  • Thursday, April 21, 2011

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April showers have brought May flowers as far as the Pokémon anime is concerned. The episodes that were delayed following the Japanese earthquake are still without an airdate, but two more episodes have had titles revealed.

  • BW034 is titled 「ライバルバトル!バニプッチ、ドッコラー参戦!!」 Rival Battle! Vanipeti, Dokkorā Compete in a Battle!! will air on May 12
  • BW035 is titled 「ガマガル、マッギョ!水辺の戦い!!」 Gamagaru, Maggyo! Battle on the Water!! and will air on May 19

According to the episode summary, Shooty is set to appear in the 34th episode of the Best Wishes! series. Also, both of these episodes will feature the Vibration Pokémon, Gamagaru (Palpitoad), in its debut. Maggyo (Stunfisk), Vanipeti (Vanillite), Dokkorā (Timburr), and Tamagetake (Foongus) will also make their first appearances in the anime.

Information remains scant on the three episodes delayed earlier this year. BW023 and BW024, 「ロケット団VSプラズマ団!」 Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan! (Parts 1 and 2), and BW026 「ヒウンシティのつり大会!釣りソムリエ・デント登場!!」 Fishing Conference of Hiun City! Fisher Sommelier - Dent Appears!! were postponed for reasons related to the major Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and no announcement has been made on when these episodes will air.