Part three of movie 10 story outline published

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  • Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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The official 10th movie Web site has been updated with part three of the story outline for Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai.

Story outline, part one

To participate in the next Pokémon contest, Satoshi and his friends have come to Álamos Town, where they meet a poor woman named Alice.

Alice guides them around the landmarks of the town - the Space-Time Tower (時空の塔) and the beautiful gardens filled with greenery and water, and while they are completely absorbed by the sightseeing, they discover that the gardens have been devastated by someone.

Then, Baron Alberto, an influential man of the town, comes on to the scene. Alberto is confident that the devastation is the work of the legendary Pokémon Darkrai. Then, from the ominous shadows, Darkrai suddenly appears before them.

A never-before known Pokémon, just who is Darkrai? Just at that moment, a fierce battle between Dialga and Palkia is unfolding in an interval of space-time. Space-time is torn apart by the collision of terrible energies. Through the tear, Álamos Town can be seen...

Story outline, part two

In the square where the Space-Time Tower stands, Darkrai makes another appearance. Using a move called Dark Hole, Darkrai puts every person and Pokémon in the town to sleep. Baron Alberto has formed a force to capture Darkrai, but its counterattack was terrible and the town ended up falling into pandemonium.

On the other hand, Alice's childhood friend, the scientist Tonio, has noticed the abnormal space-time phenomena breaking out in the town. In the laboratory, he begins reading the diary of Godey, his great-grandfather and the genius architect of the Space-Time Tower. In it, a grave prediction is written.

When space and time come together, a great wrath will engulf the world.
An eternal never-ending battle of gods... the hope is left, Oración...

The whole of Álamos Town is wrapped in an ominous fog, and a mysterious phenomenon arises where the people are unable to leave the town. Then, Tonio, who has become aware of the abnormal space-time phenomena, hastily analyzes the data, and discovers that the devastation of the garden was a sign that Palkia had entered the town.

Story outline, part three

Palkia, having sustained injuries in its violent fight with Dialga, took refuge in Álamos Town. However, Darkrai senses the presence of Palkia and attacks it, causing a terrible battle. Furthermore, chasing Palkia, Dialga appears in Álamos Town from another dimension. When the two Pokémon called as gods encounter Darkrai, the greatest battle in history will begin. Powerful shockwaves shake all of Álamos Town, and before long the town is on the verge of collapse. The prediction written in Godey's diary is becoming reality...

Will Satoshi and his friends be able to resolve this crisis? Is Darkrai an enemy or an ally? Just what is Oración?