Personality & Development: Misty's Togetic

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  • Friday, July 15, 2011

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This column has been written by Thomas Smithurst. It expresses the views of the columnist, not necessarily those of Bulbagarden networks.

Eggs were introduced to the Pokémon series in 1998 as a form of conveying how the Pokémon themselves are born. In the anime, they have become a common method of introducing another Pokémon for someone on the main cast to obtain. The characters that hatch from the eggs are presented with an immediate degree of development, usually overcoming problems associated with being a child. Misty's Togepi was notably the first egg featured on the show and the first Pokémon to take on a main-character role since Pikachu. Appearing as frequently as a main character; gave Togepi an advantage in the personality department, not because she had a lot of screen time, but because the writers deliberately give personality to the main characters, both Human and Pokémon.

A good tear-jerker
The original egg

Given the attention and care Togepi received from Misty, Pikachu and the others, Togepi can safely be determined an attachment type B-Secure Attached. Privation would never occur for any other character, hatched from an egg in the series, seen as they had constantly been under the influence of an attachment figure throughout their childhood (However long childhood is considered to be for the Pokémon). Despite Togepi receiving good socialization from her trainer/illegitimate mother, the great amount of attention she received probably was what made her comfortable with her mischief; wandering of at times, usually leading to a comical moment where Pikachu becomes hurt whilst protecting her. The innate characteristic of curiosity would have also applied to how Togepi approached things.

It is round!
Togepi in her debut

Since Togepi was socialised correctly, she had no problem socializing. Over her course one the anime, Togepi formed many different friendships, even with scarier looking Pokémon like Houndoom and Voltorb. Of all things commonly associated as being a reason for forming friendship with another, the most likely basis for Togepi’s fast forming friendships is that Togepi seems to quickly find trust in the other Pokémon. The other reciprocates of the friendship likely felt great compassion for Togepi, as she was young, and assisted her or played with her, giving Togepi a reason to trust them. A child's trust is easier to gain, as they have little understanding of what is right and wrong. However, seen as Togepi never appeared to share any emotional ties with these other Pokémon, except maybe a temporary attachment figure with Houndoom, they were technically only acquaintances.

After evolving...

The common stereotype that children turn out like their parents is not wrong, without innovation and desire to be different from them, a child will likely turn out just like their own parents. Given that Togepi’s main attachment figures were Misty, Pikachu, Ash and Brock, Togepi became quite heroic. After evolving into Togetic, and becoming more able as an individual, she went on to protect the Togepi paradise from any existing threat. Since she had been socialised from birth in the path of righteousness and always had the set example of caring for one another, Togetic, quite simply, wished to do the same for whom she established similarity with.

Either love her or hate her

Togepi was introduced to the show, presumably to take the weight of Pikachu as the only main Pokémon character. Her character received mixed reviews from the viewers, but her leaving episode was defiantly touching. The fact the writers gave her an epic two partner episode with one of the shows few, infrequent, emotive scenes; connotes that the writers valued her character and wanted the audience to feel the same way.

Personality & Development
By Thomas Smithurst
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