Pikachu to be available in Japanese Pokémon Center stores

'Sleeping' theme also applies to new merchandise
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  • Sunday, January 18, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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All Japanese Pokémon Centers will be selling new merchandise featuring Pikachu beginning Feb. 7, including shirts, mugs and bags. The items will feature a design of Pikachu known as Onemuri (Sleeping), of which a similar line of products was available one year ago.

Pokémon Center Tokyo at night
Onemuri Pikachu
2009 Onemuri Pikachu products

Both product lines are based on the image of a sleeping Pikachu that can be seen at nighttime in the windows of the new Tokyo Pokémon Center.

The stores will also be giving away a special Pikachu that knows the move Yawn from Feb. 7-March 15 to match the same theme. The Pikachu also know the moves Rest, Snore and Sleep Talk. It comes in a Cherish Ball, and it is holding a Chesto Berry.