Poison Jab Croagunk available on Pokémon Global Link

IGN reveals further information on Rugged Mountain
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  • Friday, November 11, 2011

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Update:  The password has been revealed to be IGNRuggedMountain.


The Pokémon Global Link is currently running a promotion that allows players to obtain a Croagunk that knows the move Poison Jab in order to promote the new Rugged Mountain area of the Island of Dreams in the Pokémon Dream World. The Croagunk is available from Nov. 10, 2011 until Jan. 9, 2012, and it requires a password, which the Pokémon Global Link informs readers will be available on IGN. This marks the very first time Pokemon has partnered with a video game site to offer up a Pokémon character distribution. IGN, however, state that the password is currently a secret, and users should "Check back tomorrow for the password reveal."

The Global Link announcement also mentions that other Croagunk can be found on the Rugged Mountain, but they will not know Poison Jab.

IGN also reveals new information regarding the Dream World area Rugged Mountain. Here, players will be able to befriend various Ground-, Fighting-, and Fire-type Pokémon. Adding to the previously known Larvitar and the Global Link-revealed Croagunk, Pokémon revealed to be found here are Spinda with the special move Superpower, Torkoal, Rhyhorn, Cacnea, Mankey, Burmy (Sandy Cloak), and Skorupi. The area-exclusive mini-game "Let's Collect Gems with Sableye!" involves drawing lines with a pen cursor using the mouse (which IGN misreports as a stylus) to make Sableye's minecart jump or drop between mine cart tracks. IGN includes footage of the game, which can be viewed on their website.

While a Croagunk was distributed via the Pokémon Global Link in Japan previously, this is not the same Croagunk as it knows Poison Jab, a move the previously distributed Croagunk did not.

Interestingly, despite the emphasis on Croagunk knowing the move Poison Jab, Croagunk can learn Poison Jab in the Generation V games at level 43.