Pokémon Adventures volume 48 released by Shogakukan Asia

Latest release in Black & White chapter
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  • Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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In Singapore, Shogakukan Asia has revealed their latest release, Pokémon Adventures volume 48, on their Facebook page and web site. The volume was actually released on March 25, but was not revealed until today. Ever since their release of Volume 42 in July 2014, Shogakukan Asia has released one volume of Pokémon Adventures per month and is rapidly closing the gap left by former publisher Chuang Yi and catching up to VIZ Media (currently only one volume ahead, with Volume 49 released earlier this month on April 7).

Pokémon Adventures volume 48 cover artwork

In May, VIZ Media will be releasing Pokémon Adventures volume 28, the second-to-last volume in the Emerald chapter. Since the Diamond & Pearl chapter, the Platinum chapter and the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter have already been published in full by VIZ Media, this means there will be only one volume to go after this for there to be no gaps in the storyline for VIZ Media's publications.