Pokémon Company issue statement regarding cheating

Warns it won't be able to restore data
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  • Saturday, June 29, 2013

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The Pokémon Company has issued a statement regarding the use of cheating in Pokémon games, with specific reference to the employment of Pokémon-related smartphone applications which have not been endorsed by either the Pokémon Company or Nintendo. These smartphone applications have the ability to create unauthorized game data, access unofficial servers and fabricate hacked Pokémon.

The statement warns players that if these hacked Pokémon or unauthorized data are sent into the game software, the game may cease to operate correctly or stop functioning at all. The statement also warns players of the risk of trading with a hacked game, as their game may also cease to function.

The Pokémon Company go on to state that if a game begins experiencing glitches due to "non-normal use", then neither the Company itself nor Nintendo will be able to restore the game data to its original condition.

Finally, the Pokémon Company warns that any players attempting to use non-official game data, including hacked Pokémon, at events organized by The Pokémon Company will be disqualified and barred from participating in any and all future events. This information is important to bear in mind ahead of the Pokémon Video Game Australian National Championships starting at PAX Australia in Melbourne on July 20 and 21.

Full translated statement

To all those who enjoy playing the Pokemon series

Thank you for playing the Pokemon series.

Currently, there are Pokemon-related smartphone applications on sale that have not been approved by either Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. These unauthorized applications have the capability to create unauthorized game data, utilize unofficial servers, and send hacked Pokemon into game software.

If these hacked Pokemon are sent into the game software, then the game will cease to operate correctly, and in certain case, can also cause the game to cease functioning.

Players are also able to utilize wireless communication functionality to challenge and trade with other players of the Pokemon series. Should a game containing hacked Pokemon use such communication functions, than it may also negatively affect the other player’s game and cause inconveniences to that player, such as causing the game to cease functioning.

Please understand that if any glitches or other inconveniences arise due to non-normal use, including the use of unofficial game data, neither Nintendo nor The Pokemon Company will be able to restore the game data to its original condition.

Furthermore, if use of non-official game data is discovered at game events organized by The Pokemon Company, then that player will be disqualified and will be barred from participating at any and all future events.

We kindly ask that players ensure that they enjoy games in the Pokemon series in accordance with the proper guidelines as written in the instruction manual in order to protect their favorite Pokemon and save data.

  -- The Pokémon Company  

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