Pokémon Digital Manga Release Guide announced

Guide announced by VIZ Media
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  • Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Throughout 2018, VIZ Media is set to release Pokémon Adventures story arcs on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, iBooks, Nook, Google Play, and VIZ platforms. A Pokémon movie tie-in manga is scheduled to be released in January 2019.

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Month Manga Cover
Out Now Pokémon Adventures: Red & Blue (Pokémon Adventures, Vols. 1-7)  
August 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Gold & Silver (Pokémon Adventures, Vols. 8-14)  
September 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Ruby & Sapphire (Pokémon Adventures, Vols. 15-22)  
October 2018 Pokémon Adventures: FireRed & LeafGreen (Pokémon Adventures, Vols. 23-25)  
October 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Emerald (Pokémon Adventures, Vols. 26-29)  
November 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum (Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum, Vols. 1-11)  
December 2018 Pokémon Adventures: HeartGold & SoulSilver (Pokémon Adventures: HeartGold & SoulSilver, Vols. 1-2)  
December 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Black & White (Pokémon Adventures: Black & White, Vols. 1-9)  
December 2018 Pokémon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 (Pokémon Adventures: Black & White 2, Vols. 1-2)