Pokémon Dream World reopens

Pokémon Dream World section of Pokémon Global Link site, open to players again
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  • Thursday, October 14, 2010

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On October 13, the Pokémon Dream World section of the Pokémon Global Link site was finally reopened for use by players of Pokémon Black and White.

The Dream World was intended to be available to the public right at the release of Pokémon Black and White versions, but the entire Global Link website was disconnected one day after release to allow better traffic control. Originally scheduled to reopen on September 29, the Global Link reopening was rescheduled to October 4, and the Dream World section to October 13. To keep the amount of traffic within bounds, limits have been set that restrict excessive use.

The Dream World is the main attraction of the Global Link site. It allows players of Black and White to obtain Pokémon and items, primarily Pokémon from previous generations that are unavailable in the main game, and berries, which also serve as a currency within the application. Furniture and other items are available in exchange for berries to allow users to customize their own island. It is also possible to visit islands of people with which the user has exchanged friend codes. Other applications on the site, like the Global Battle Union, have been open to the public since the relaunch of the Global Link.

The following limits have been set to restrict excessive use:

  • The amount of users accessing the Pokémon Dream World at a same time is restricted.
  • Players can only access the Pokémon Dream World one hour a day. The timer starts when the user first accesses the Pokémon Dream World on a given day, and it is not affected by logging in and out.
  • After the hour has passed the user must wait 23 hours until the next time they can access the Pokémon Dream World.