Pokémon Global Link reopens

New Dream World information revealed
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  • Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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The Pokémon Global Link reopened today, full of major updates.

The updated Pokémon Global Link while logged out
The updated Pokémon Global Link while logged in

The background now shows random GTS trades and Random Matchup battles happening all over the world.

A new "Reports" has been opened. It is only visible to logged in players. It contains four tabs: Global Trade Station (GTS), Global Battle Union (GBU), Wi-Fi Competitions, and Game Sync World Records. The GTS tab shows information about the GTS, including the most traded, requested, and deposited Pokémon; players can also look up Pokémon currently on the GTS and the most traded Pokémon for each species. The GBU tab functions fairly similarly to the old GBU, but has huge layout changes; for example, the leader board is now on the front page of the GBU and can be browsed by season. The Wi-Fi Competetions tab provides information about past, current, and upcoming Wi-Fi competetions, including rules and leaderboards. The Game Sync World Records tab allows players to see various records for each region.

The Dream World also underwent many changes in the update:

  • New Décor is available: the Phonograph, Soap and Shampoo, Flower Bath Mat, House Plant, Poké Ball Rug, Basket, Bathtub, Shower Stand, Tree House, and Tropical Hut.
    • None of these items can currently be obtained as they require Berries that are not yet available in the Dream World: the Leppa, Watermel, Belue, and Durin Berries.
  • The catalogue subcategories have been reorganized.
  • All Pokémon Dolls have been moved to the Pokémon Doll Catalogue; this is sorted by National Pokédex number.
  • Kyurem and the kami trio cannot be tucked in.
  • The 「ひんやり穴」 Cool Hole is known as the Icy Cave in English. Its related minigame is called "Frozen Treat Sweep". It is not currently accessible.
  • A new area which hasn't been publicly revealed yet, "Dream Park", exists in the game data. It features statues of the Unova starter Pokémon. Its related minigame is "Lake Skip", in which the player bounces Pokemon around a lake.
  • Fennel's introductory tour now mentions that Berries will be converted to Dream Points if the player does not log in, which did not previously occur.