Pokémon Global Link upgrade for Black and White 2 revealed

Online service to update June 21
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  • Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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The first details about the Pokémon Global Link upgrade for Pokémon Black and White 2 have been revealed on the Japanese Pokémon Global Link site. The main page will have a new look in which the Pokémon Dream World and the Global Battle Union will return and the Global Trade Station and a Report feature will be introduced.

Pokémon Global Link upgrade for Black and White 2

The Pokémon Dream World will have new areas and new Pokémon and the duration of the time cut-off will be reduced from 24 hours to 20 hours. The first new area known is called 「ひんやり穴」 Cool Hole. The Global Trade Station feature will show the player's history on the GTS and various statistics. The Report feature will be used for the GTS and GBU. There will be a promotion in which a special feature will be unlocked if a Black or White game and a Black 2 or White 2 game are registered on a player's account. The image also shows that the C-Gear will be redesigned.

All Pokémon Global Link sites will be closed for maintainance from June 5 and will reopen with the upgrade on June 21 although users of international sites will not have access to the Black and White 2 features until the games launch.

If a player does not log into the Dream World for 100 days, the player's Berries will begin to be absorbed by the Tree of Dreams and converted into Dream Points. One of each type of Berry will always be left behind. This time limit started on May 1, which is before the maintainance period.