Pokémon Jumbo Jet to be retired

Pokémon-themed plane will make final flight on August 8
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  • Monday, July 29, 2013

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Rising fuel costs have forced Japan’s All Nippon Airways to take some of its fleet of aircraft out of commission, including a Boeing 747 that doubles as a Pokémon Jumbo Jet. The “Pikachu Jumbo” was commissioned with the debut of the first Pokémon movie, making the plane nearly 15 years old.

The Pokémon Jumbo Jet

The Pikachu Jumbo wasn’t merely decorated with Pokémon characters on the outside, as seen in the picture to left- everything about the plane was based around Pokémon, right down to the food containers and the flight crew’s uniforms.

You haven’t missed your chance to travel on Pokémon themed transport. The Pikachu Jumbo will be retired on August 8, after one last flight from Tokyo to Hokkaido, and another Pokémon jet- a Boeing 777 commissioned in 2011- will continue operations.