Pokémon Origins to be released on DVD in Australia on April 28

All four episodes to be included
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  • Friday, March 7, 2014

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Pokémon Origins poster

Update:  Due to an oversight on the ambiguously organized pdf, it has been made aware the DVD will actually be releasing on April 28.

Pokémon Origins will be released on DVD in Australia on April 28. This DVD will include all four episodes. Its retail price is $19.95.

It stars the characters Red and Blue (named Green in Japan) from the Generation I games. Red uses a Charmander and faces off against Brock who has a Geodude. Charmander knows Scratch and Geodude knows Tackle. Red also meets Lance.

Blue uses Blastoise in the special. Red's Charmander becomes a Charizard. Professor Oak and Red's mother also makes an appearance. Red battles Team Rocket at the Pokémon Tower. He also battles Giovanni.