Pokémon Ranger Web site updated

New screenshots released
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  • Saturday, December 17, 2005

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The official Japanese Pokémon Web site has updated its page for Pokémon Ranger with screenshots to give a better look at the use of the Capture Styler.

The ranger takes control of a wild Torchic.

First, there is an image of a Torchic setting fire to a bale of straw.

The second section explains the image. It shows how the Capture Styler is used to get a wild Pokémon to remove an obstruction. In this case, the wild Torchic is commanded to use Ember on the straw.

Removing obstructions is vital for progression in the game. However, some people will pay the player to remove obstructions. Either way, it is certain that it will be done many times throughout the game.