Pokémon Shuffle receives new main stages

Update v1.1.5 adds lots of new content
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  • Monday, March 23, 2015

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A new patch for Pokémon Shuffle has been released that brings the game up to v1.1.5. This patch includes a wide variety of new content, including new main stages and special stages.

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The patch adds the area Wacky Workshop to the main stages, which contains Stages 151 to 165. Additionally, the special stage "Great Challenge", featuring Keldeo, is available until April 6, 2015; the player will receive 5000 Coins upon completing it for the first time.

Additionally, the patch adds a new batch of daily Pokémon, using the special stage The Daily Pokémon (#2). The player can battle Pachirisu on Monday, Sigilyph on Tuesday, Tropius on Wednesday, Farfetch'd on Thursday, and Druddigon on Friday. The special stage "Meowth's Coin Mania" will remain available on weekends until at least April 20, 2015.

Prizes for players that participated in the Mega Lucario Competitive Stage have been sent out. The top 20,000 players in the PAL region, the top 20,000 players in the American region, and the top 50,000 players in the Japanese region will all receive their Lucarionite upon checking in. All other participants received a Jewel; while the Jewel was supposed to be sent to all participants, The Pokémon Company has apologized due to an issue which caused it to not be sent to players who won the Lucarionite, and will amend it in the near future.

Due to Pokémon Shuffle reaching 2.5 million downloads, all players will receive one free Disruption Delay item upon checking in.

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