Pokémon Sunday shows new Black and White footage

Starters neither confirmed nor denied
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  • Saturday, September 11, 2010

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The latest episode of Pokémon Sunday has aired. While the episode shed no new light on the fandom's current debate on whether scans that have circulated recently are real or not, new footage from the upcoming Pokémon Black and White teased those watching.

Fans were teased in more ways than one...

The validity of the evolutions, previously leaked on 2ch and in pre-release scans of the October edition of CoroCoro magazine, is still in doubt. Neither silhouettes nor images of the alleged evolutions were shown on the episode, although other Pokémon from the scans were shown.

Junichi Masuda, the director of Pokémon Black and White, appeared on the show. He confirmed some information that was already known. Playthroughs of the games provided some new information as well:

  • The design team had been working on the games for four years.
  • No pre-Generation V Pokémon are available until after the National Pokédex has been obtained.
  • No previously introduced characters such as Professor Oak will be in the games.
  • Cheren and Bel are childhood friends.
  • The starter Pokémon is a gift from the player character's parent, rather than Professor Araragi.
  • Team Plasma Grunts use Minezumi.
  • Minezumi's Pokédex information was shown (below).
  • There is a Poké Mart inside a Pokémon Center.
  • Pokémon Trainer N has the cat-like Pokémon Choroneko.
  • Cut can be used to pass through a gate.
  • Makomo will give the player a C-Gear if they show her a Munna.
  • Victini was shown in battle.
  • New Pokémon were shown, including Desukaan (the mummy one), Denchura (the electric spider), Ononokusu (the tusk dragon), and Baoppu (the fire monkey) was seen as a silhouette.

Footage from the Best Wishes! anime and information about the Black and White TCG were also shown. A Slowpoke dancing to music by late American singer Michael Jackson was also seen. Regretfully, Slowpoke elected to dance to Jackson's Billie Jean rather than the more relevant hit Black or White.

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