Pokémon Tretta Event to be held at World Hobby Fair 2014

Pokémon Mega Rings Blue and Red available for early sale
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  • Friday, June 20, 2014

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Details regarding a Pokémon Tretta Event that will be held at the Next Gen World Hobby Fair 2014 have been released. The event, titled "Challenge! Mega Strong!Mega Evolution Battle", will be held June 28th and 29th at the Makuhari Mess Hall. Only middle-school children or younger can participate in the event, and spaces are limited to 600 per day, 200 from online pre-registrations (which are currently closed), and 400 chosen randomly on the day. The drawing will be held and winners will be notified by e-mail and have postcards sent by mail by the 23rd of July.

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In the event, participants will be able to use Kent's Mega Heracross to battle a Mewtwo which Mega Evolves to MegaMewtwo X or MegaMewtwo Y. Pokémon Tretta Leader Kent will also be in attendance on the 29th while Gero, who sings the Pokémon Tretta Theme Song, and SLHfamily, who dance the dance, will be performing on the 28th. Additionally, a Pikachu Rookie Pokémon Tretta will be distributed, but how to get it will not be revealed until later.

There will be a lottery available for participants to enter on the days of the event. Numbered wristbands will be distributed at the Takara Tomy Arts Pokémon Tretta Corner for as long as they last, or otherwise until 11am. From 11:15, winners will be drawn, and holders of winning wristbands will be notified of the time they can battle. Wristbands cannot be transferred or received by anyone other than the applicant, and are invalidated if taken off. If a participant wins the battle, they get a Mewtwo Trophy Mega Evolution Tretta, which can Mega Evolve depending on the Mewtwo defeated. If the participant doesn't win, they get a Heracross Trophy Mega Evolution Tretta, which can also Mega Evolve.

The new products, Pokémon Mega Rings Blue and Red will also be available for early sale at the event, before their official release on the July 5th. They cost ¥1000 each. There will also be a TrettaX Mega Ring Experience Area at the Pokémon Tretta booth where visitors can try using the Pokémon Mega Ring.