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Pokémon Wiki joins international Pokémon encyclopedia group

Japanese website affiliates with Bulbapedia and PokéWiki
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  • Monday, June 26, 2006

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The Encyclopaediae Pokémonis emblem

We are pleased to announce that the Japanese Pokémon encyclopedia, Pokémon Wiki (ポケモンWiki) has joined the English-language Bulbapedia and the German PokéWiki in Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, a group of open-content Pokémon encyclopedias in different languages.

The first person to conceive of a Pokémon website that visitors could edit and update was Meowth346 of Pokémon Forever. Inspired by Wikipedia, one implemenation of that idea was founded on December 22, 2004: Bulbapedia. After a period of secret development, it was opened to the public on February 14, 2005.

Two months later, German Pokémon fan nYoo launched an inquiry into the possibility of opening a German Pokémon encyclopedia in the spirit of Bulbapedia. Though nothing came of that discussion, another inquiry was made in early August, and that resulted in PokéWiki.

Naturally, the two open-content Pokémon encyclopedias agreed to affiliate. Expecting more affiliates in other languages, Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, Latin for Encylopedias of Pokémon, was proposed shortly thereafter, but would be a long time before the group expanded.

Pokémon Wiki was founded early April 2006, and was first brought to our attention mid-June. Ten days and many e-mail messages later, Pokémon Wiki joined Encyclopaediae Pokémonis.