Pokémon XY Global Link promotion announced for existing users

Dream Points to be converted into Poké Miles.
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  • Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Earlier this year, it was announced that the Pokémon Global Link will slowly start phasing out support for the Generation V Pokémon titles from October until next year as the Pokémon franchise makes its transition into the sixth generation with Pokémon X and Y, which are due out worldwide on October 12.

The Pokémon Company International have announced that current users of the Global Link service will have their "Dream Points" converted into the new "Poké Miles". Details on Poké Miles are still scarce, but it is known that they are accumulated by playing through X and Y, then added to players' Global Link accounts by using the Game Sync option. Poké Miles can then be exchanged for items to send to Pokémon X and Y, or to play in attractions using the new PokéMileage Club. The amount of Poké Miles a player will receive depends on the amount of Dream Points the player has accumulated in all of their games.

For the Dream Points to be converted to Poké Miles, Global Link users must register their Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game by Jan. 14, 2014. The Dream Points will be converted and the bonuses will be added to their account in late January.

Medal awards will be given for the Pokémon X and Y Global Link account, depending on the Dream World accomplishments in the current account. The number of obtained Dream Points, bought homes, Pokémon Dolls, and Décor Items with Berries determine the type of Medal award that is received. Rankings in the Global Battle Union and Wi-Fi tournaments also come with Medal awards.

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