Pokémon X album to be released on CD on Feb. 13

New CD contains classic songs plus new music from Pokémon: Battle Frontier
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  • Thursday, December 7, 2006

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Koch Records will release the album Pokémon X: Ten Years of Pokémon in the United States Feb. 13. The album was first released in the U.S. and Canadian iTunes music stores in October; "Battle Frontier" made it into the top 20 of the iTunes children's chart. The CD will be the first official American disc release since Pokémon Christmas Bash in 2001.

Pokémon X album cover

The album contains 13 tracks, nine of which were available previously on other Koch albums or as iTunes downloads from 4Kids Entertainment. The CD contains four previously unreleased tracks, including music from the new "Battle Frontier" season.

The CD comes more than two years after the start of the Pokémon Music Petition, a drive aimed at getting more Pokémon music commercially released outside Japan. Although many Pokémon songs have been added to the iTunes music store and other download services, this is the first U.S. CD release since the petition began.

A track list can be found at a previous article, Pokémon 10th anniversary album available on iTunes.