Pokémon anime, TCG return to Russia

First releases to begin with XY
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  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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The Russian TV channel 2X2 signed a five-year contract with Pokémon Company International to broadcast the popular animated series and movies. Previously, the first season of the Pokémon Black & White series had aired Nov. 6, 2012 on TNT and no seasons following the 14th season had been announced on any channel.

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The anime series will start airing on May 1, 2014 with the season Pokémon: Black & White. The 17th season of the franchise Pokémon the Series: XY will premiere in September, before the Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY expansion goes on sale in Russia at the end of the year. The schedule of the Pokémon: Black & White to Pokémon the Series: XY seasons will be announced later on.

2X2 SEO, Lev Makarov commented on the signing of the contract:

We are delighted to return to the series "Pokémon" to the Russian market, as it is a well-recognized brand in our country. Ether animated series is scheduled for a time when adults and children are at home, so they will have more reasons to spend time together.
  -- Lev Makarov, 2x2 SEO  

Also, the 2X2 channel will air these five movies this year: