Pokémon cards allegedly link to adult website

QR code misdirects, shocks family
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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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A Sherwood family received a big shock while playing with some new Pokémon cards, KPTV news has reported.

Quick response code

The cards came with a quick response (QR) code, as pictured, which can be scanned to access more information about the product. In particular, the code on the TCG deck purchased was promoting the Pokémon Online Challenge. However, upon scanning the code which came with his children's cards, father-of-two Ben Lapp was allegedly directed to an adult website.

However, when KPTV tried it themselves, the code worked correctly. Assuming that the code accompanying the KPTV article is the one that came with Lapp's cards, it has no fault that Bulbanews has been able to ascertain. This is the first case Bulbanews has heard of where a QR code packaged with a Pokémon product has not reached its intended target.

Photographer and QR marketer Jeff Lorton, interviewed by KPTV, says care should be taken in the manufacture and use of QR codes. "Things are moving so fast, there are bound to be some mistakes made by people," he said.

KPTV was not able to reach the Pokémon Company for comment.

KPTV is a Fox-affiliated television station servicing the Portland, Oregon market.