Pokémon popularity poll launched

Winning Pokémon to be distributed by the Global Link
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  • Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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The "Vote to Befriend a Pokemon" poll on Pokémon.com has now been made available, and it lets users vote for one of the 493 Pokémon introduced prior to Generation V. The winning Pokémon to be distributed via promotion on the Pokémon Global Link will be distributed with its Hidden Ability, if it has one. With the voting period from Nov. 1 to 30, preliminary rankings will be released every Tuesday of November, and the final results are scheduled to be tallied and announced on Dec. 13. The winning Pokémon will then be available from Feb. 1 to 29, 2012 to those with international (non-Japanese and non-Korean) Global Link accounts.

Vote to Befriend a Pokémon

The same polls have previously been made available to those with Japanese and Korean Global Link accounts, with the winners being Arceus and Rayquaza, respectively—Pokémon with no Hidden Abilities. Another poll is currently ongoing in Japan, which allows users to pick between one of the main series version mascots.